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I have now pre-registered for both the Yorkshire and Scotland Tough Mudder events next year. Once again I will be running for charity, and once again it will be for Shelter..


I plan to start training next week.



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I survived!

I survived!

bring it on!

bring it on!

tomorrow :o

water proof socks: check

Cereal bars: check

Lucozade: check

Pain killers: check

Caffine: check



Bring it on tough mudder!

the obsticles, what they are and which I am dreading

ok… so here is the map:



the obsticles are: Glory Blades, artic enema, dirty ballerina, boa constrictor, hero carry, electric eel, hero walls, island hopping, cage crawl, trench warfare, hold your wood, kiss of mud, underwater tunnels, walk the plank, mud mile, funky monkey, everest, and electroshock therapy…


Glory Blades: basically an 8 foot high wall

Boa Constrictor: crawling through a pipe

Artic Enema: Swimming through ice water

Dirty Ballerina: jummping over 4 foot mud pits

Hero Carry: Carrying your team mate

Electric Eel: dragging self along ice under electrified wires

Hero Walls: Not a clue! It’s not on the website 😮

Island Hopping: Jumping from wooden island to wodden island over water

Cage Crawl: Not a clue

Trench Warfare: Crawl through dark muddy trenches

Hold your Wood: Run while carrying a small tree! (Ok a log but they look like small trees lol)

Kiss of Mud: Crawl in the mud under barbed wire

Underwater tunnels: sort of what it says, swim through a tunnel underwater

Walk the Plank: 15foot jump into water

Mud Mile: a mile of waist deep mud

Funky Monkey: monkey bars at an incline over water

Everest: a quarter pipe the run up

Electroshock Therapy: run through a field of hannin live wires



so… ye… now in order of how much I am dreading them starting with the ones I think look easy/fun:


1. Trench Warfare

2. Boa Constrictor

3. Kiss of mud

4. Electric eel

5. Mud Mile

6. .Electroshock therapy

7.Dirty Ballerina

8. Hero carry

9. Carry your wood

10. Glory blades

11.  Artic Enema

12.  Island Hopping

13.  Mud mile

14. underwater tunnels

15. Funky Monkey

16.  Walk the plank



as you can see I dislike the water and monkey bar based ones lol.




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2 days

yep, it is now very close… now very much regretting not having done more training lol, though my new job is giving me some degree of training as I am spending half my time moving heavy things around, and I cycle to and from it which has got to be helping fittness. 


the preview photos are on facebook here  if anyone is interested in seeing it. 


anyway, 2 days. Feels very real now lol