Homeless Woman Offered Vouchers For Tent After Applying For Emergency Housing

If you don’t have anywhere to stay, you can ask the council for help as a homeless person. If the council believes that it may have a duty to help you, it has to provide temporary emergency accommodation while it looks into your situation.


recently a 62 year old homeless woman was recently refused emergency housing by the Isle of Wight council and was instead offered vouchers to buy a tent and food.

She told the Isle of Wight Newspaper “I know some people will think it is my own fault I’m in this situation, but I wanted to highlight that this a problem for other people.

“For some people there is no safety net. I thought that for someone of my age there would be some kind of buffer, some kind of emergency help for a week or two while I got on my feet.”

Unfortunately many areas have very little emergency accommodation available, and the requirements of being seen as “vulnerable” enough for it can be very strict. For single people and couples, councils often use hostels and B&Bs for emergency accommodation. Homeless families are more likely to be housed temporarily in flats or houses that are privately rented or leased by the council.

Figures released in March showed 12,830 homeless applications were accepted between October and December 2011 – a rise of 18% since the same time the previous year. In London, the figures show a 36% rise over the same period.

Please sponsor me – all fundraising is going to the charity Shelter to help combat homelessness, overcrowding, and other housing problems. 


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