so stress has killed training slightly

been very stressed recently as got to move home again (long story) and this has seemingly pulled out some of the moore aspergery aspects of my brain… and so training has gone a little squiffy, as has socialising with people, and most day to day activities… Actually fear I may end up losing some friends by the end of this “episode”… Usually manage to hide most of the symptoms fairly well, other than saying the wrong thing and not always understanding phrases thing, but recently I can’t look at people properly, I can never do eye contact but I can usually at least look at peoples faces, I can’t cope with plans changing, and every time I am around people I am having sensory overloads.

It’s getting slightly annoying :/

However, despite this I plan to at least go for a few runs this week. Even if they are on my own as dealing with people isn’t great right now


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