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I may have gotten slightly wet lol

so.. today it is raining… and my running partner is ill, so I thought “meh, I’ll go for a short run anyway”



well… I may have gotten a little wet…




still… going to have the get used to the wet and mud anyway ūüėõ


this weeks training

this weeks training went a little off as my running partner was called into work on Monday. However, climbing today went well ūüôā and I have been tot he gym for an hour a day for the last 3 days.

thinking need to learn to not be so competitive though as on Monday when I went after the cardio I went to the weight machines and found the leg press had been left on 105kg so, rather than being sensible and putting it down to my usual 85kg, I foolishly tried the 105kg. I did manage 5 reps though ūüėÄ so next week going up to 90kg I think

running is now happening on Friday this week ūüôā so will see how that goes.

Then I am moving home on Saturday lol

Woman commits suicide due to bedroom tax

She was found dead on Junction 4 of the M6 motorway, at the beginning of May, aged 53 and explicitly blamed the government for her actions.

She was suffering from an auto-immune system deficiency condition known as Myasthenia gravis, which impacted her ability to work, but was not receiving disability benefit.

Under the new rules she was told she had to move to a smaller property or lose £80 a month in housing benefit.

Her son said she was finding it hard to pay the extra £80-a-month on top of her £320 rent bill after the introduction of the new legislation, which reduces housing benefit for certain people with a spare bedroom.Her local Labour councillor backs this up by saying that the woman could barely afford to feed herself, let alone fund the shortfall in rent.

On Saturday May 4 she wrote a series of suicide notes before stepping out in front of a lorry. She died instantly.

In one of the notes, addressed to her son she wrote: ‚ÄėDon‚Äôt blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government, no-one else.‚Äô



Bedroom tax


Since 1 April 2013, new housing benefit rules mean¬†you won’t be able to get housing benefit to pay for¬†all of your rent if your home¬†has ‘spare bedrooms’.¬†This is being called the ‘bedroom tax’

The new¬†limit on the number of rooms you can claim for is¬†based on the number of people living in your home. If you have more bedrooms than the new rules say you need, you will be treated as ‚Äėunder-occupying‚Äô your home. You‚Äôll get less of your rent paid for by housing benefit.

If housing benefit no longer covers the full cost of your rent, you will have to pay the rest of the rent yourself. This must be paid directly to your landlord.


You can’t claim housing benefit for ‘extra’ rooms that are used for:

  • children visiting a divorced or separated parent
  • couples who use separate bedrooms because of illness or disability
  • rooms used by disabled adults to store medical equipment.


Some disabled adults living in adapted or specially designed properties have had face to cuts to their housing¬†benefit, but it will not be practical or affordable for them to move. Others are having to move from a home they have lived in their whole life, or are being “trapped” in an under-occupied house due to there being a lack of single bed properties.


How many rooms are you allowed?

  • one bedroom for a couple
  • one bedroom for a person aged 16 or over
  • one bedroom for two children aged under 16 of the same sex
  • one bedroom for two children aged under 10 (boys and girls are expected to share a room)
  • one bedroom for any other child
  • one extra bedroom if you or your partner needs an overnight carer to stay.



Please sponsor me Рall fundraising is going to the charity Shelter to help combat homelessness, overcrowding, and other housing problems. 

Homeless Woman Offered Vouchers For Tent After Applying For Emergency Housing

If you don’t have anywhere to stay, you can ask the council for help as a homeless person. If the council believes that it may have a duty to help you, it has to provide temporary emergency accommodation while it looks into your situation.


recently a 62 year old homeless woman was recently refused emergency housing by the Isle of Wight council and was instead offered vouchers to buy a tent and food.

She told the Isle of Wight Newspaper¬†“I know some people will think it is my own fault I’m in this situation, but I wanted to highlight that this a problem for other people.

“For some people there is no safety net. I thought that for someone of my age there would be some kind of buffer, some kind of emergency help for a week or two while I got on my feet.”

Unfortunately¬†many areas have very little emergency accommodation available, and the requirements of being seen as “vulnerable” enough for it can be very strict.¬†For single people and couples, councils often use hostels and B&Bs¬†for emergency accommodation.¬†Homeless families are more likely to be housed temporarily in flats or houses that are privately rented or leased by the council.

Figures released in March showed 12,830 homeless applications were accepted between October and December 2011 –¬†a rise of 18%¬†since the same time the previous year.¬†In London, the figures show¬†a 36% rise¬†over the same period.

Please sponsor me Рall fundraising is going to the charity Shelter to help combat homelessness, overcrowding, and other housing problems. 

First Post

I’m not really one for this whole blogging thing, but thought would give it a try…

so long story short I am doing tough mudder yorkshire in September (2013), I have volunteered at 3 in the past but this will be my first time doing the course. I am also doing this in aid of the charity Shelter, so if anyone wishes to sponsor me please go to my JustGiving Page here. I have had a lot of involvement with shelter in the past, both working with them and also being helped by them myself, so they are a charity that I strongly believe in and that do an amazingly important job.

This blog is basically to keep track of my training, and as I hope that this will not be my last tough mudder event it will hopefully serve as a catalogue of my events and progress. My training technically started last week, but has hit a obstacle in the form of a sprained ankle (falling off a bouldering wall is a bad move), however, I hope to get back on track soon enough. My training is in the form of a combination of outdoor running, gym sessions, and climbing. Though I hope to add in some more obstacle specific training later on once I have increased my general fitness a little.


Please visit my JustGiving page here