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back to the training

so, after a week of moving home and so neglecting training (though moving furniture up and down stairs was a fairly good work out lol) I am now back to the training thing.

today did 2 hours at the gym and then went for a run, which was interesting as I had to create a new route round and area that I do not know that well… so only 3miles today, need to make a longer route once I figure my way about…

I also plan to go climbing 3 times this week as I am now working need the bouldering wall 2 days a week so am thinking I may go after work.

erm… that’s it really, bit of a boring update 😛


this weeks training

this weeks training went a little off as my running partner was called into work on Monday. However, climbing today went well 🙂 and I have been tot he gym for an hour a day for the last 3 days.

thinking need to learn to not be so competitive though as on Monday when I went after the cardio I went to the weight machines and found the leg press had been left on 105kg so, rather than being sensible and putting it down to my usual 85kg, I foolishly tried the 105kg. I did manage 5 reps though 😀 so next week going up to 90kg I think

running is now happening on Friday this week 🙂 so will see how that goes.

Then I am moving home on Saturday lol

so I need to get into the habit of updating this lol

I have failed a little at updating this, but I am getting back into it now. I am now a member of team Iron Clan, and have started training properly. Myself and one other team member went for a 7 mile run on Monday, and we are making it a weekly event. Also going climbing (well, bouldering) tonight which is also a weekly training session. I am also getting back into the gym, doing a fair bit of strength training, though after Monday thinking I need to start working on my cardio again lol

I also got sent this video in an e-mail about a team in America which thought I would share: