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I survived!

I survived!


bring it on!

bring it on!

tomorrow :o

water proof socks: check

Cereal bars: check

Lucozade: check

Pain killers: check

Caffine: check



Bring it on tough mudder!

less than a week to go!

getting close now, I think we are ready. ould probably have done more training, but life got in the way unfortunately, moving home twice over the summer really didn’t help.

also the map preview has been published and can be seen here –

We are actually going to die…

ok, a little dramatic maybe 😛

we probably won’t die lol, and I think we will complete the event… but if it’s anywhere near as warm on the day as it has been recently I think we may both seriously overheat and so go very very slowly…

we finally got ourselves organised today and went for a run round the university. And now I am going to go for a bike ride too as the run made me feel a little pathetic so going to have an hour on the bike to make myself feel less so


So I have started using endomondo to keep track of runs and stuff

profile is here: