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2 days

yep, it is now very close… now very much regretting not having done more training lol, though my new job is giving me some degree of training as I am spending half my time moving heavy things around, and I cycle to and from it which has got to be helping fittness.ย 


the preview photos are on facebook hereย ย if anyone is interested in seeing it.ย 


anyway, 2 days. Feels very real now lol


getting close now

not long now to go…


feeling fairly confident, as I said before the event WILL be completed it’s just how long that will take which is the issue lol. I am still worried about the obsticles that involve arm strength, but I have FINALLY gone swimming and discovered that I can at least float so no drowning for me lol. A few weeks left to see if I can improve that a little so I won’t need dragging through the water ones though



as ever please sponcer me if you can, not many people have done as yet and I would really like something to go to Shelter after all this

if only we could cycle rather than run…

realised today that if this was a cycling event we would be fine! Would do it no problem as did 15 miles today no problem, despite my lack of breaks (they decided to stop working this morning so I have to repair them tonight). Really need to get back onto this running thing… cycling is all well and good but totally different muscles to running so not really helping as much as you’d expect.


AND I REALLY NEED TO GO SWIMMING! The water based obstacles are starting to worry me a little… need to get to a pool soon I thinks, good exercise anyway

so stress has killed training slightly

been very stressed recently as got to move home again (long story) and this has seemingly pulled out some of the moore aspergery aspects of my brain… and so training has gone a little squiffy, as has socialising with people, and most day to day activities… Actually fear I may end up losing some friends by the end of this “episode”… Usually manage to hide most of the symptoms fairly well, other than saying the wrong thing and not always understanding phrases thing, but recently I can’t look at people properly, I can never do eye contact but I can usually at least look at peoples faces, I can’t cope with plans changing, and every time I am around people I am having sensory overloads.

It’s getting slightly annoying :/

However, despite this I plan to at least go for a few runs this week. Even if they are on my own as dealing with people isn’t great right now

back to the training

so, after a week of moving home and so neglecting training (though moving furniture up and down stairs was a fairly good work out lol) I am now back to the training thing.

today did 2 hours at the gym and then went for a run, which was interesting as I had to create a new route round and area that I do not know that well… so only 3miles today, need to make a longer route once I figure my way about…

I also plan to go climbing 3 times this week as I am now working need the bouldering wall 2 days a week so am thinking I may go after work.

erm… that’s it really, bit of a boring update ๐Ÿ˜›

I may have gotten slightly wet lol

so.. today it is raining… and my running partner is ill, so I thought “meh, I’ll go for a short run anyway”



well… I may have gotten a little wet…




still… going to have the get used to the wet and mud anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

this weeks training

this weeks training went a little off as my running partner was called into work on Monday. However, climbing today went well ๐Ÿ™‚ and I have been tot he gym for an hour a day for the last 3 days.

thinking need to learn to not be so competitive though as on Monday when I went after the cardio I went to the weight machines and found the leg press had been left on 105kg so, rather than being sensible and putting it down to my usual 85kg, I foolishly tried the 105kg. I did manage 5 reps though ๐Ÿ˜€ so next week going up to 90kg I think

running is now happening on Friday this week ๐Ÿ™‚ so will see how that goes.

Then I am moving home on Saturday lol